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United States Masonry & Chimney offers a wide range of applications using brick in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and the Main Line.

Our sevices include:
Brick Pointing, Brick Paving, Brick Pavers, Brick Installation, Brick Fireplace, Bricks Walls, Brick Walkways, Brick Patios, Brick Veneer, and more!

Solid brickwork is made of two or more withes of bricks with the units running horizontally (called stretcher bricks) bound together with bricks running transverse to the wall (called “header” bricks). Each row of bricks is known as a course. The pattern of headers and stretchers employed gives rise to different bonds such as the common bond (with every sixth course composed of headers), the English bond, and the Flemish bond (with alternating stretcher and header bricks present on every course). Bonds can differ in strength and in insulating ability. Vertically staggered bonds tend to be somewhat stronger and less prone to major cracking than a non-staggered bond.


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